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Very few advisors realize the tremendous business building potential of acting as a college planning advisor to affluent families. It’s the perfect engagement that allows you to deliver value, gain insight into a family’s finances and solve the biggest problem they will ever face to their future financial well-being.

Come to the ICS training event in Detroit on August 5th, 6th & 7th and find out how late-stage college planning can boost your bottom line by attracting new clients with college bound students.

  • The Wealthy Want Help. The parents most eager to learn how to stretch their college savings as far as possible are high income, high net worth, highly educated and are used to paying for expert advice. In other words, your ideal clients.
  • You Face Little Competition. In a crowded advisory field, it’s hard to differentiate yourself. Knowing the details of late-stage college planning can be a tremendous advantage, give you an edge on your competition and attract much bigger assets.
  • Grandparents want to help their grand kids. Affluent grandparents are also keenly interested in finding college answers for their grandchildren. They’ve got money and the desire to help out. They are ideal prospects as well.
  • It’s a Huge Opportunity to Help Boomers and Gen-Xers. Paying for college is the one big-ticket item being ignored by the financial industry, despite a massive market. This represents a huge opportunity for you to meet a range of prospects with assets and financial planning needs.


Come and see how you can create a college planning niche that helps parents save money, keep their sanity and get their kid into a good college without destroying their life savings and retirement.