Advisor Growth Tech

Create your dream practice

Become part of Advisor Growth Tech (AGT) and experience our one-of-a-kind Online Advisor Community, led by our experienced mentor team and supported by a comprehensive online library of materials, specifically focused on growing your practice.

AGT will help you address everyday issues, specifically emphasizing how to see more highly qualified prospects and close more business.

AGT gives you:

  • Access to an online treasure chest of our mentor’s practice-model secrets, marketing programs, sales processes, practice-management tools, and client-service resources.
  • A system for connecting with other “like” agents and the ability to easily seek their input and perspectives using the program’s online chat room.
  • A path to pursue the goal of building your dream practice.

Advisors using this service boast, on average, a 27% increase in sales within the first year!

How to Participate
Contact your Simplicity Marketing Business Coach to discuss the program and membership fees and requirements.

We welcome new and motivated advisors ready to invest in themselves and their businesses!

The six channels of AGT include:

  1. Mentorships: Learn from one, or all, of the industry’s best mentors and active advisors, each with their own specialty. Your interaction with this team of mentors will profoundly affect the growth of your practice.
  2. Forums: Become part of a national online community of active advisors that have proven their commitment to growing their practices. As a member of this community, you can get peer input on important business decisions, tough case designs, marketing practices and any other question you might have.
  3. Business Consulting: The Practice Protection Planning program will offer advisors consulting services that will add value to your business, now and into the future.
  4. Sales Coaching: Whether you are learning from sales coaches that have trained the leaders of Fortune 500 Companies, or our annuity closing expert, you will gain invaluable skills centered on the art of sales. Sales coaching participants have increased their closing ratios from 20% to 80%.
  5. Hot Advisor of the Quarter (HAQ): The Hot Advisor of the quarter will share the secrets of his/her recent success and many of the documents, tools, processes and programs used to take his/her practice to the next level.
  6. Platinum Advisor Strategies: Platinum offers best-of-class video production, online presence, marketing, client communications, training and accountability, book publishing, graphic design, practice management, and branded gifts.

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